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Gum Tape


BoPP Packaging tape – this product are  used for Carton Packaging in -Food & Beverages,Garments,Textile and Pharmaceutical industry . Basically gum tape used at all the places where Carton or Box  Packing is required.

BOPP Gum Tapes are made from BOPP Film and Acrylic water based Adhesive. Film Thickness varies from 23 Microns to 45 Microns and Gum Tape size as per Customer’s requirement.

Size of Gum Tape  :

12mm, 18mm, 46mm, 48mm,57mm, 60mm

and lengths of our available products 

30 yards, 35 Yards, 40 Yards, 45 Yards, 50 Yards  …………..to ……….500 yards.

Custom lengths can be given.

Our available products:

Masking Tape, Printed Tapes, Transparent Tape, Packaging Tapes, Printed Self Adhesive Bopp, Self Adhesive Tape, Coloring Tape, Bopp Self Adhesive Packaging Tapes, Multicolor Printed Tapes.



We also supply Printed BoPP tape up to Eight/8  Colurs.



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